Indian maize, additionally regarded as yellow corn, is popularly used for animal feed.


Indian maize, additionally regarded as yellow corn, is popularly used for animal feed. We afford the first-rate, best yellow maize meal for human as well as cattle consumption. Indian maize is desired for its excessive dietary value, sturdiness, and purity. We export maize seeds all over the world that have been procured using strict and stringent first-class standards, ensuring only the highest quality for our customers.

Avail Yellow Corn with High Nutritive Value and Enhanced Shell Life…

Although a grain crop, Indian maize, also known as yellow corn, is additionally fed on as a vegetable in many areas of India. We provide the best-in-class Indian yellow corn, abundantly prosperous in dietary fibre, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and nutritional vitamins A, C, and E. This excessive enrichment of nutritive values in our supplied yellow corn makes it an extensively used ingredient in the international meal industry. Furthermore, our yellow corn has a naturally appealing yellow colour and a firm, stable texture that speaks to the extent of the diet it contains. The long shelf life of our provided maize makes it particularly acclaimed in the world market. Our maize is suitably processed through the use of current processing methods with excessive precision below the vigilance of our expert experts to make it flawlessly appropriate for storage.

Specifications of Maize

Color Yellow
Moisture 14% Max
Admixture & Other Grain 2% Max
Foreign Matter 1.5% Max
Broken Kernels 2% Max
Aflatoxine 20 PPB Max
HSN CODE 110313
Damaged / Imature etc 5% Max
Standard Packaging 40 KGS JUTE BAGS


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